As Zentangle®’s drawing method has spread rapidly around the world, people of all ages, interests and skill levels who never thought they could draw are now having fun creating beautiful artwork.

Zentangle’s method is an easy to learn, fun way to create beautiful images and also to relax and feel good by drawing simple patterns. Many teachers already understand the importance of Zentangle. They do their best to download free material on the web and cobble together supplies to share it with their students. Now, Zentangle founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, with Sakura of America, have created Zentangle Apprentice® to address this demand for authentic Zentangle lessons in the education market.

Zentangle Apprentice is an affordable, carefully chosen and organized way to provide students with everything the Zentangle method promotes and supports:

  • Mindfulness
  • Self-esteem
  • Creativity
  • Artistic satisfaction
  • Relaxation
  • Positive group dynamics
  • Problem-solving
  • Eye/hand coordination
  • Confidence
  • Cross-cultural understanding
  • Handwriting
  • Increased awareness

The power of Zentangle is evidenced from the quiet hush of concentration that quickly spreads in the classroom to a sudden new awareness as students excitedly discover patterns in their environment.

Zentangle’s method can be enjoyed by many ages simultaneously in group settings. This can be particularly useful where different age groups regularly interact, such as Montessori or home school environments.

This Zentangle Apprentice Class Pack is a well-designed and simple to use system for teachers and students in public, private and home school settings. It contains enough supplies for an instructor, an assistant and a classroom of 24 students for 5 “tangle sessions.” A lesson plan, a DVD and a follow-along teacher’s script are included. Additional information can be obtained via the website, as well as contacting the nearest Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT). Zentangle Apprentice will only be marketed to public, private and home schools.


  • 1 Instructional DVD
  • 26 Pigma® Pens
  • 26 Pencils
  • 140 Zentangle® Apprentice® Tiles


  • Entertainment & Relaxation Use Zentangle as a fun way to relax, focus, and gain inspiration. It can be done almost anywhere, alone or in groups, without any special abilities or costly equipment.
  • Artistic Finished Zentangle art is an unplanned abstract. This is an unusual approach to art, because you have no idea what the results will be when you begin. The Zentangle method helps you discover artistic talent that you never knew you had.
  • Motivational Training Zentangle’s approach has been used to improve confidence and creativity, foster teamwork, and even as a type of therapy to address issues such as addictions, attention deficit, and stress management.
  • Art Therapy The deliberate strokes and repetitive experience while creating Zentangle art make it a useful tool for art therapy. Often art itself is an obstacle in therapy because of preconceived notions of not being an “artist.” The Zentangle method has been used to help break down these barriers by simplifying the drawing process to repeated strokes that when combined, result in beautiful art.
  • Education The Zentangle method has been used in public, private and home school environments to improve creativity and personal expression, problem-solving, hand/eye coordination, relaxation and focus. It can also promote cross-cultural understanding by analyzing and comparing patterns used in Indian henna, Celtic knotting, Zuni pottery, and Maori tattoos.
  • More Zentangle!

Product Specifications


Stock # Description UPC No.
50009 ZENTANGLE APPRENTICE CLASSROOM PACK - 1 Instructional DVD, 26 Pigma Pens, 26 Pencils, 140 Zentangle Apprentice Tiles 0 53482 50009 4
XFVK-S-49 PIGMA PEN 05 0 84511 39269 4
50115 Zentangle - 3 Apprentice Pen Set - 2 EA Pigma Pen 05; 1 EA Pigma Pen 10 Black 0 53482 50115 2
50116 Zentangle - Apprentice Set - 18 Pieces - 2 EA Pigma Pen 05, Pigma Pen 10, Pencils, Tortillions, 10 EA 4.5” White Apprentice Tiles 0 53482 50116 9


How to Draw the Zentangle® Tangle 'Indy-Rella'

In this video, Certified Zentangle Teacher Molly Hollibaugh demonstrates how to draw the tangle called Indy-Rella using the Zentangle Apprentice 18 piece tool set.

How to Draw the Zentangle® Tangle 'Arukas'

In this video, Certified Zentangle Teacher Molly Hollibaugh demonstrates how to draw the tangle called Arukas using the Zentangle 10 pc ATC tile tool set.

How to Draw the Zentangle® Pattern 'Crease'

In this video, Sam Taylor (Zentangle Eccentric on Facebook demonstrates how to draw 2 variations of her unique tangle pattern called 'Crease.' Learn more about Sam's artwork:


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