With the “Power to Express®” motto we believe that EVERYONE has the right to self-expression. In conjunction with developing writing and artistic tools that are affordable to consumers of all ages, we also provide product sponsorship to organizations that reflect our belief of individual expression and artistic freedom including YAM, NAEA and Fresh Artists. See more about our highlighted sponsorships below.
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Sakura of America is proud to sponsor Fresh Artists, a nationally award-winning organization that offers a solution to the severe cuts in public school arts funding. Scaled up reproductions of art from their curated collection of more than 1800 pieces of art are displayed in Fortune 500 corporations and nonprofit organizations nation-wide. The digital images, donated by children in high-poverty public schools,  enabled Fresh Artists to deliver the retail value of more than $800,000 in art supplies to severely under funded schools throughout the country. Children, empowered as philanthropists through their art, are change-makers in their communities and the world.

Fresh Artists has designed and delivers eleven free, innovative art programs to teachers in under-served schools. Their programs show children how “taking your artwork off the fridge and putting it to work for good” provides children with hands-on experience in entrepreneurship, philanthropy and lessons in art as a business. Learn more. about Fresh Artists here.


Art Feeds

Art Feeds is a nonprofit that feeds creative development and facilitates emotional expression in children. Sakura donated Cray-Pas oil pastels to Art Feeds programs for their students to use. View the video to see the response of several students in Art Feeds’ program in Joplin, MO.

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Art Feeds

Cray-Pas Self Potraits by Art Feeds


Cray-Pas Self Portraits by Art Feeds

Sakura donated Cray-Pas oil pastels to Art Feeds' art education programs in Joplin, MO. This is the response of several Art Feeds students.

Art Feeds
Chemo Cozy Quilts

Chemo Cozy Quilts started in 1998 when the organizer’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Friends and loved ones signed her quilt while she was going through chemotherapy. Now SLO Quil- ters in San Luis Obispo, CA and Bear Valley Quilters in Los Osos, CA make Chemo Cozy Quilts for 3rd-12th grade patients and their friends and families.

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Art Feeds