Sakura Of America - Power To Express


Sakura offers a lot of high quality, colorful products that give people of all types the Power to Express. Our products make perfect gifts, but how do you chose a really special something for the artist in your life? Do you go with archival pens, watercolors, glittery gel pens, or colorful oil pastels? There are so many products to choose from... To make things easy, we've compiled a list of the top 5 gifts for the artist in your life.

5.Pigma Sensei®Manga Drawing Kit
If you've got a kid who loves cartoons, comic books, or who tries to draw his or her favorite characters on any scrap of paper they can find, Pigma Sensei is the perfect choice. You can get this in a 6pc or 8pc set containing pens of different nib sizes. Small nibs are great for adding detail, and thick or chiseled nibs create dynamic, bold lines. Pigma® ink is used by many professional artists in the US and Japan to create cartoons, anime, comics, and manga. Pigma Sensei pens deliver this same high quality, archival ink in a more economical pen barrel with sturdier pen nibs for beginning artists. Pair a Pigma Sensei set with one of Canson's FanBoy Manga artboards or Comic/Manga Pocket Novels and you've got a perfect gift. If the person you're thinking of is more advanced, try a Pigma Manga-Comic Pro set instead.


4. Koi® Water Color Field Sketch Travel Kit- 24 Colors
Koi Water Color Field Sketch kits are a favorite of watercolor artists of all ages and skill levels. The 24 color set comes with 24 vibrant, half-pan watercolors; a Koi water brush so that you can easily transport 9mL of water, two dabbing sponges, a palette for mixing color, a small lid that acts as an easel for postcard sized artwork, and a thumb ring for easy 1-handed painting. The set is perfect for painting anywhere. Your artist can sketch a gorgeous landscape during a hike through the woods, paint a portrait of passersby at a cafe, or de-stress and create something beautiful during a hectic day at work. Pair this with a Strathmore Visual Journal and your happy artist can start Plein air painting right away!

3. Koi® Coloring Brush12 Color Set
Koi Coloring Brushes are an easy way to add vibrant color to your artwork, and can achieve a variety of effects including blending, layering, gradations, and washes. They allow you to color artwork like you would with markers, but you can blend them together easily to create new hues and special effects. Since these are water-based, you can also blend them or create washes with a Colorless Blender pen or Koi water brush. The 48 color set contains every available color and includes a convenient carrying case that's perfect for transporting your brushes to conventions, or storing them in your studio. Combine this set with a high quality or watercolor paper like the Strathmore 400 series to make a great gift set.

2. Gelly Roll®Artist Gift Set

This 64 piece Gelly Roll set features a re-usable pen case and contains every available color of Gelly Roll Classic™, reflective Gelly Roll Metallic™, glittery Gelly Roll Stardust®, opaque Gelly Roll Moonlight®, and dual color Gelly Roll Gold Shadow™ and Silver Shadow®. Did you know that Sakura created the first ever gel ink? Our Gelly Roll pens created a whole new category in the writing instrument market, and are still the most recognized and loved brand available today. There's just something about all of the colors and effects that gets people excited. Did you have all of the colors as a kid? I did! Actually, I still do and I use them every day. This set is an art journaler's, illustrator's, scrapbooker's, and handwritten note writer's dream. The 64 piece Gelly Roll Artist Set is a way to nurture a love of color and expression or to rekindle a passion for writing and drawing. The ultimate collection kit for any Gelly Roll-lover.

1. Pigma® Artist Gift Set

This is it - the item on every artist's wish list - the crème de la crème of artist's gifts. The 59 Piece Pigma Artist Gift Set contains one of every point size and color in our Pigma Micron®, Pigma® Graphic, and Pigma® Brush lines of pens. Pigma ink, invented by Sakura over 25 years ago, continues to be the most reliable permanent ink on the market today. This pigment-based ink is fade resistant, chemically stable, will not bleed or run if liquids are applied after the ink is dried, and the archival quality of the ink preserves artwork for a lifetime. Professional illustrators, comic artists, and watercolorists use the 6 Pigma Micron point sizes, 3 Pigma Graphic point sizes, and the Pigma Brush tip to create precision lines and dynamic strokes. The carrying case also makes this set perfect for travel and conventions.