From super fine hairlines to big, bold strokes, the new Pigma Professional Brush series offers the ultimate in versatility.  These durable brush nibs respond to instant changes in pressure or direction with a silky smooth, accurate and consistent ink flow.  The deep black, archival quality Pigma® ink ensures the mark will last a lifetime.

Artists who prefer brushes will appreciate the flexibility of a portable brush with continual ink flow, avoiding the need to dip the brush and carry messy inks. Manga and comic artists, illustrators, and lettering art professionals will enjoy the expressiveness of thick to thin strokes with ease and fluidity.

The brush nibs were specially developed to provide fantastic bounce and memory over long periods of use.


Applications and Qualities
  • Archival quality Pigma Ink – chemically stable, waterproof, and fade resistant
  • No smears, feathers, or bleed-through on most papers
  • Consistent ink delivery to the brush sides and tip
  • Flexible nib for thin and thick brush strokes
Extra durable, long-lasting, “memory” enhanced nibs made of:
  • FB – a tough plastic polyacetal material
  • MB – a tough nylon material
  • BB – a tough porous polyethylene material

Product Specifications


Stock # Description UPC No.
XFVK-FB-49 FINE BRUSH - BLACK 0 84511 39924 2
XFVK-MB-49 MEDIUM BRUSH - BLACK 0 84511 39923 5
XFVK-BB-49 BOLD BRUSH - BLACK 0 84511 39922 8
50025 BLISTER CARD, 2 PACK FINE - BLACK 0 53482 50025 4
50026 BLISTER CARD, 2 PACK MEDIUM - BLACK 0 53482 50026 1
50027 BLISTER CARD, 2 PACK BOLD - BLACK 053482 50027 8
50028 BLISTER CARD, 3 PACK FINE, MEDIUM, BOLD - BLACK 0 53482 50028 5


Comic Artists and Pigma Pens at Long Beach Comic Con

Professional comic artists Todd Nauck, Arthur Adams and Scott Koblish describe their favorite tools of choice include Pigma Micron and Pigma Professional Brush at the Long Beach Comic Con 2015.

Mark Kowalchuck Pigma Ink Illustration Timelapse

In this video, illustrator and graphic designer Mark Kowalchuk uses Pigma Professional Brush pens and Pigma Micron pens to illustrate this untitled piece on a canvas. Mark has created designs for clients such as Artschool Skateboards, YES Snowboards, Globe, Volcom, Electric, Snowboard Magazine, Heiroglyphics, In Flames, Remind Insoles, Grassroots California, Trouble Andrew , etc.

Inking Manga with Pigma Professional Brush Pens

Watch as Mai of PMBQ Studios draws her original character, Hana Neko, using Sakura's new line of Pigma Professional Brush Pens in fine, medium, and bold.