Create art, personalize or decorate objects with a vast array of exceptional colors that will suit any preference or style. A fine bullet point is well suited for general drawing and detail coverage. Odorless and non-toxic, these general purpose markers can be used by students in classrooms.

The Permapaque® Fine Point Opaque Paint Marker features:

  • Archival quality ink – chemically stable, waterproof, and fade resistant on paper
  • No smears, feathers, or bleed-through on most papers
  • Shake & pump free – just start writing
  • Odorless, quick drying and non-toxic
  • Works well on coated paper and vellum, (a heavy creamy-colored paper resembling parchment),
  • Best on: canvas, plastic, metal, glass (not permanent), wood crafts, ceramics (decorative only, not intended for food service or ceramics that are washed), pottery
  • Use for: artistic murals, flip charts, manila folders, CDs, metal or wood furniture, scrapbooks, and tool, toy and package personalization.

Not recommended for use on fabrics intended to be washed.
Not intended for use on food service or ceramics that are washed.
Not evaluated for cosmetic use on skin.

Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards.


  • No bleed-through on vellum and standard scrapbook papers.
  • Craft projects on wood, metal, plastic, glass* and ceramics* (decorative only, not intended for food service or ceramics that are washed).
  • Personalizing tools, toys, etc.
  • CDs and anywhere paint or an opaque marker might be needed.
Technical qualities
  • Suitable for acid-free environments
  • Water-resistant and fade-resistant on paper
  • Dries quickly (within 10 seconds)
  • Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards
  • 1.0mm line width
  • Metallic effect shows best on coated papers
  • Metallic effect shows best on coated papers
  • *Not permanent on non-porous surfaces.  Alcohol based cleaners may remove ink from non-porous surfaces.

Patriotic Magnets Project
Permapaque Project Ideas

Product Specifications


Stock # Description UPC No.
XZPK-S-12 BROWN 0 84511 38227 5
XZPK-S-19 RED 0 84511 38228 2
XZPK-S-24 PURPLE 0 84511 38229 9
XZPK-S-29 GREEN 0 84511 38230 5
XZPK-S-3 YELLOW 0 84511 38231 2
XZPK-S-36 BLUE 0 84511 38232 9
XZPK-S-49 BLACK 0 84511 38233 6
XZPK-S-5 ORANGE 0 84511 38234 3
XZPK-S-50 WHITE 0 84511 38235 0
XZPK-S-20 PINK 0 84511 38236 7
XZPK-S-27 YELLOW-GREEN 0 84511 38237 4
XZPK-S-425 SKY BLUE 0 84511 38238 1
XZPK-S-7 PALE ORANGE 0 84511 38239 8
XZPK-S-51 METALLIC GOLD 0 84511 38293 0
XZPK-S-53 METALLIC SILVER 0 84511 38294 7
XZPK-S-54 METALLIC BRONZE 0 84511 38295 4
XZPK-S-520 METALLIC PINK 0 84511 38296 1
XZPK-S-524 METALLIC PURPLE 0 84511 38297 8
XZPK-S-529 METALLIC GREEN 0 84511 38298 5
XZPK-S-536 METALLIC BLUE 0 84511 38299 2
48100 CLAM, 3 PK -Black, Red, Blue 0 53482 48100 3
48101 CLAM, METALLIC 3 PK - Met Gold, Met Silver, Met Bronze 0 53482 48101 0
48105 CLAM, 10 PK - Yellow, Brown, Pink, Sky Blue, Yellow-Green, Pale Orange, Purple, Orange, White, Green 0 53482 48105 8
48106 CLAM, METALLIC 10 PK - 2 EA Met Silver; 1 EA Black, White, Met Gold, Met Pink, Met Purple, Met Green, Met Blue, Met Bronze 0 53482 48106 5
58314 CUBE COLLECTION 16 PC - Red, Purple, Green, Blue, Black, Orange, White, Pink, Yellow-Green, Sky Blue, Met Gold, Met Silver, Met Bronze, Met Pink, Met Purple, Met Blue 0 53482 58314 1
48108 MEGA ADD ON 288 PC - 12 EA BrN, Rd, Prpl, Grn, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Wht, Pink, Yel-Grn, Sky Blue, Pale Orange, Met Pink, Met Prpl, Met Grn, Met Blue, 24 EA BlK, Met Gold, Met Silver, Met Bronze 0 53482 48108 9
58112 LOW PROFILE DISPLAY 144 PC - 12 EA Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, Orange, White, Pink, Met Gold, Met Silver, Met Bronze, Met Blue 0 53482 58112 3


Optical Illusion Project for Kids

This project comes to us courtesy of Ana Dziengel, creator of the imaginative kids' science and craft blog Babble Dabble Do, and was sponsored by Sakura. Today we are making thaumatropes. A thuamaotrope is a classic optical illusion toy consisting of a card with two different pictures on each side; when spun rapidly the pictures appear to combine. Because we are playing with pattern rather than a picture I gave our optical illusion toy it’s own name: Decotropes. 'Trope' is the part of the word that means turning around and 'Deco' stands for decorative. My favorite types of projects are those that get YOU thinking creatively by asking YOU to add your artistic touch. Decotropes are just this type of project. And if you try this project I’d love to see what you make! Use the hashtag #decotrope on Instagram and post a pic/video there!

Craft Your Own Vacation Games

Use Glaze and Souffle 3D ink to create fun vacation games.

Easy Lettering Techniques

Learn 6 easy lettering styles with colorful effects using Sakura's product line. Use these techniques for your artwork, journal, handwritten notes, posters, etc.


Permapaque markers are my personal favorite. I use these alot, and like how they have the punch of normal permanent

-Craig A. Anderson