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Give every handwritten note, gift, and drawing a bit of shine and glamour with Gelly Roll Silver Shadow®. This brilliantly colored gel pen writes in two tones: silver metallic outlined by a contrasting ink color. No need to shake, pump or squeeze – just write like you would with any gel pen.

How It Works
Gelly Roll Silver Shadow® is comprised of dyestuff and metallic powder. Dyestuff is the colorful ink that outlines the writing. Metallic powder gives the ink its shiny, silver coloring. When you write with Silver Shadow™, the dyestuff colorant spreads and permeates into the paper. The metallic powder is thick and cannot spread or soak into the paper so it is left on the surface. This ink produces an “outline effect” when the dyestuff colorant spreads beyond the edges of the metallic powder. This is most noticeable after 2-3 minutes on papers that are white, uncoated, and fibrous.

Use our Gelly Roll Silver Shadow Color Reference Chart. ( Click here to more details )

The science behind the Gelly Roll® Gold Shadow™ and Silver Shadow® outline effect.

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  • Notes, journals, letters, and invitations
  • Crafts, lettering templates and line borders
  • Best on white, uncoated, fibrous paper
  • A colored metallic ink results when used on non-porous surfaces
Technical qualities
  • Water-based, dye-colored, odorless gel ink formula
  • Patented gel ink technology for creating two-tone outlining effect
  • 0.7mm bold line, 1.0mm ball
  • Not recommended for use on fabrics intended to be washed
  • Not evaluated for cosmetic use on skin
  • Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards

Product Specifications


Stock # Description UPC No.
38539 ORANGE 0 84511 38539 9
38540 PINK 0 84511 38540 5
38541 PURPLE 0 84511 38541 2
38542 GREEN 0 84511 38542 9
38543 BLUE 0 84511 38543 6
58530 BC, 5 PK - Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Orange 0 53482 58530 5
57360 GELLY ROLL ARTISTS GIFT SET- 64 pen assortment with reusable storage case: includes 1 of each Gelly Roll Classic 06 Fine, Gelly Roll Classic 08 Medium, Gelly Roll Metallic, Gelly Roll Stardust, Gelly Roll Moonlight 10 Bold, Gelly Roll Silver Shadow & Gelly Roll Gold Shadow pen color 0 53482 57360 9
58535 72 PC DISPLAY - 24 ea Blue: 12 ea Pink, Green, Purple, Orange 0 53482 58535 0
58766 GELLY ROLL GOLD / SILVER SHADOW MINI ADD ON DISPLAY - 144 PC - 12 each Gelly Roll Gold Shadow - Pink, Lavender, Green, Blue; 24 each Gelly Roll Gold Shadow - Black; 12 each Gelly Roll Silver Shadow - Orange, Pink, Green, Blue; 24 each Gelly Roll Silver Shadow - Purple 0 53482 58766 8


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