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Pigma Micron®: Proven Permanence

Pigma® ink, invented by Sakura over 25 years ago, continues to be the most reliable permanent ink on the market today. Laboratory notebooks and log books offer a complete and tamper resistant means of documenting work. Pigma Micron® pens provide a perfect companion product to your irreplaceable, archival quality notebook. Pigma® ink easily outlasts and out-performs competitors, and is the preferred choice for scientists, curators, courts, and others who value quality ink and preservation.

What Makes Pigma® Ink Different?

Sakura invented pigment ink as an alternative to the unstable dye based inks available at the time. The Pigma Micron pen uses superior pigment based inks that are more chemically complex and 100 times bigger than dye molecules. This makes pigment ink less susceptible to UV rays, chemical degradation, and pollution from contact with oils and other chemicals. However, pigments by themselves do not guarantee that an ink is permanent. Sakura further developed Pigma ink and Pigma Micron pens to be fade-resistant, waterproof, chemical resistant, lightfast and non-abrasive on most writing surfaces.

Pigma® Ink and Your Archival Notebook

PigmentDye NEW Pigma Micron pens also protect the pages of lab notebooks and log books because Pigma ink molecules only penetrate the very top layer of the writing surface. This prevents bleed through and enables writing on both sides of the paper. (See the diagram on the right.) Additionally, Pigma ink dries to a neutral pH, neither acidic nor alkaline, protecting the pages of your archival notebook. Finally, Pigma Micron pens feature durable nibs that will not damage the surface of the paper. If you need your critical notes and intellectual property to withstand time, the elements, or difficult lab conditions, use Micron pens to preserve your work.
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Technical Qualities


  • Lab notebook & log book documentation
  • Labeling scientific specimens
  • Support for patent activities, auditors, legal entities & courts
  • Used by curators, archivists, artists, the government, calligraphers, & personal historians

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