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Attention Sakura of America Retail Accounts Using our Image Bank

Please Note : The image bank contains high resolution photos of Sakura's products, but may not meet 100% of your product photo requirements. For example:

  1. There may not be photos available for every ink color of a pen or marker within a product line.
  2. Sakura of America tries to provide pictures of the most current packaging available.
  3. Your local supplier or wholesaler may or may not have the most recent packaging version or the current version pictured may not be in production yet.
  4. Packaging transitional changes (including clamshells to blister cards, text or copy revisions, seasonal graphics, multiple language updates) may happen without notice. You should double check your company's inventory to see specifically what packaging version you are offering to your clients.
  5. Product display photos are representational and the exact display contents may have been changed due to updates.

Usages Notes :

  • Permission to utilize these images is granted to U.S. and Canadian retailers of Sakura branded products for the commercial purpose of promoting the sale of Sakura products.
  • Product logos and brands need to be properly marked with either a ™ or ® symbol.
  • Your graphic department should not remove any trademark symbols from our logos or brand names.
  • For suggestions on product copy, please refer to each specific product web page and product PDF for the most up-to-date verbiage. If you edit our product text, please be careful to ensure that the message is not changed from our original intention. Sakura of America cannot be held liable or responsible for consumer misunderstanding or interpretation.
  • Most of the images and packaging are available only from Sakura of America for use in the United States or Canada. Permission is NOT granted to reproduce Sakura of America images and packaging for use in countries outside the U.S. & Canada without prior and written authorization from Sakura Color Products of America. If you are seeking packaging images for countries other than United States or Canada, you must contact your local Sakura distributor for information.
  • Sakura of America cannot be held responsible for notifying you of packaging updates, nor keeping your inventory with the most current packaging changes, as the changes are done as required by new labeling regulations and requirements demanded by market conditions.
  • It is recommended that you convert downloaded images of our products from JPEGs to EPS or TIF files, as JPEGs do not display or print well in layout or word processing programs. Any image editing program (ex. Photoshop) is capable of this conversion. If there is a problem receiving and/or importing the images, you may contact Sakura of America, Inc. at 800-776-6257 x126 during business hours M-F 8:00 - 5:00 pm Pacific time. Once you have found the proper product image, it is easy to download a print quality image:
  1. Click on your desired image.
  2. Right click the picture, and choose the option to save in the pop-out menu. If you want to copy the image URL, choose the option to copy the image address.

If you cannot find the product or packaging version you need, it may have been discontinued. Please go to the Archived Images section of the Image Bank to find the item in question. However, we recommend that you update your marketing materials to the newest packaging version (image) once your inventory is current. Should you have any specific questions concerning an image, you may always call or e-mail our Sakura customer service department, and we will gladly follow-up on your product image inquiry.

There are two ways to search:

Use the drop down menus to select a product type and then a brand. Or, you can type the product name in the search field and click the "Search" button. Results will appear at the bottom of the page