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This guide was developed as a general guide to help you in the selection process for choosing the ideal tools for your project when working on surfaces other than paper. Since many of our products were developed for use on paper, not all product features will work in the same way across all surfaces. Due to the variations of surfaces, finishes & sealers, we always recommend testing before applying to your final project. Please see a few notes of caution for surfaces below:

Paper – All of Sakura products work on paper, but please be aware that papers with special coatings or surface treatments may clog the nibs, affecting the ink’s performance and the outcome of your project.

Ceramics, Glass, Metal and Plastic - Scrubbing and alcohol based cleaners may remove ink from these non-porous surfaces. Products are not permanent on glass or suitable for food service items.

Textile and Wood –With the exception of Solid Marker Slim, most Sakura products listed will NOT work well on rough wood or nubby fabrics. Most products will work on smooth untreated/primed wood or smooth fabrics. If your wood has a varnish or coating over it, only select products will work. When writing over paint, make sure that the paint is fully dried, not just surfaced cured.