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"Dan Price, aka hoboartist, has been using Pigma Micron pens for 17 years. During those years Price has been publishing his illustrated travel journal Moonlight Chronicles. "When I was learning to draw I went through a lot of pens and the microns were the only ones that would hold up to my rough usage. It's also important that they are archival and permanent so my originals will last a long, long time. I began to keep a journal after having kids. Every day seemed too wonderful not to document. And even now after they have left home I continue to draw and write about anything and everything. I call it finding the magic in the mundane. Drawing has been a special companion and never ceases to make me happy in a sometimes difficult world." See Dan's site for all his publications."


Journaling- Dan Price
Dan Price describes himself as a "hobo artist." He says that before he discovered the romance of art he worked as a carpenter, a cook, in a grocery store, as a waiter, a ditch digger, a truck driver, and a ski bum. He also worked for 10 years as a photojournalist for newspapers in seven different states. He created the fine art photography journal SHOTS that ran for 45 issues. He now lives in an underground kiva in his home state of Oregon, where he creates his journal Moonlight Chronicles about the "simple life," and spends time with his family and seven cats.
Here's what Dan says about Sakura pens: "I have used Sakura pens exclusively for 10 years and find that they never fail me. The fact that they are permanent is also a great plus." Dan has two books that are now available:  andThe Moonlight Chronicles", both by Ten Speed Press. 

Here is the first Dan Price Notebook Pigma.pdf(1 megabyte). It'll take just a few minutes to download. There are seven full color illustrations ready to print. Cut the edges at the marks, add as many blank pages as you wish, fold and staple or bind and start your own journal collection.

Here's the next 3 Dan Price Journals in the series -
GellyRoll.pdf(1.25 megabytes)
Metallic.pdf(1 megabyte)
OtherPens.pdf (1.4 megabytes)

The Dan Price Notebooks have been created in the Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format. You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view and print the notebooks. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for free from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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